About BioCity

Engineering for Energy Resource Saving

BioCity is dedicated to helping its clients finding solutions to optimize energy consumption and save money at the end of the year.

At BioCity, our teams know that there are different ways of thinking about Energy Efficiency and that is why we work hard to know each client. Only then can we deliver the best solution, through short, medium and long term plans.

All our plans focus on Value For Money, ensuring the presentation of a project with a deadline for financial return.

In addition to consulting, we are recognized for the excellent work we do in the field and for the proximity and quick response we are able to give to our customers




The beginning - 2010

We were born in 2010, fruit of the belief that Water Saving should be associated with Management.

Initially, the company developed a project dedicated to energy saving for individuals with the goal of helping them manage their personal finances, but we quickly realized that we could go much further and dedicated ourselves to creating solutions for the business market.



Today, we work with Sonae MC in every store in the country, we help dozens of social support residences to improve their systems and we spread savings to Hotels, Industry, Health, Industry, Restaurants and many other businesses.



The Dedication and Responsibility of our teams earned the trust of Portuguese reference companies such as Savoy Signature, Sonae, Pingo Doce, Santa Casa da Misericórdia, Cimpor or the Luz Saúde Group.

A path made of close relationships with clients, based on trust and flexibility.

Start introducing smart energy saving solutions to your business today

All of our plans focus on Value For Money, ensuring the presentation of a project with a deadline for financial return.



Determination and responsibility in the creation and execution of the various projects, pursuing the objectives with dedication, ethical sense and professionalism.


Valuing the relationship with each client and partner, always developing and strengthening the commitment to them in order to generate trust, responsibility, and sustainability.


Dynamic and constant search for new solutions for each problem presented, so that we can guarantee our clients a relationship associated with continuous improvement.


We believe that energy optimization and business management should go hand in hand to find together the optimal solutions for continuous improvement.

“Meter to Manage, Manage to Save.”


Finding and implementing customized Savings Solutions for each client and each business area. Always close to our clients.

“Engineering for Energy Resource Saving”

Our dedication aims to create constant and long-term value for our partners, so that they learn for themselves the best ways to optimize energy consumption. Thus, we guarantee the creation of high value-added partnerships, promoting the sustainability of business and the environment.


Maintenance and Efficiency


Proximity, Knowledge and Savings..

BioCity was born from the will to help clients find the right balance between consumption and efficiency.

Energy efficiency is one of the main acceleration engines for the development of any business. The speed at which the market moves today creates the need to control variations in energy consumption and requires constant monitoring of these variations. This is the only way for management to measure the true impact of each project and protect themselves from possible losses in efficiency and significant increases in their bills at the end of the year.

Maintenance arises from the needs of our clients.
One of the main reasons for efficiency losses is the lack of monitoring of the main consuming equipment. Our teams are prepared to find the biggest consumptions and correct them, so that it is not necessary a huge investment to find the savings. Thus, we are able to daily accompany our customers in all their needs so they feel that we are their ideal partner, every day of the year.

We are your maintenance and optimization team for equipment and infrastructure.
Always ready to act.

Agriculture represents the world’s largest water consumption.

With the knowledge in Agronomic Engineering existing in our team, we decided to develop services dedicated to help all national producers. BioCity designs irrigation systems, consumption monitoring, machine rental and labor services for its clients in the agricultural area, offering a complete service that meets the annual needs.

So that you never lose your crops again.


Our commitment to respond to all areas of the Iberian Peninsula could not leave out the islands. In addition to our partners in the Azores, BioCity Madeira was created to provide a faster and more precise response to our clients, such as the Savoy Signature.

We are present throughout the Portuguese territory.

Start introducing smart energy saving solutions to your business today