The most efficient systems in the world, placed in the Portuguese reality. Consulting, technology, efficiency, maintenance and manpower. At the distance of a call.

BioCity operates in the market of services and precision irrigation management and in agriculture.
Since we live in a period of extreme drought, high production costs and lack of skilled labor, we are sure that we have the best solutions for the current difficulties.

Specialized Manpower Services

So that you never lose your crops again.

We have on our staff labor services
for the various stages of your plantation: Pruning,
Harvesting, stripping, application of products, etc.

Bet on commitment and knowledge.


Precision Technology

Drones de Última Geração para maior eficiência.

Latest generation drones for greater efficiency.

BioCity Agrícola seeks to make farms more profitable and innovative through the use of new technologies in different services. We bet on latest generation drones that allow monitoring, analysis and rapid execution.

  • Topographic Surveys
  • Multisensory sensors (irrigation, detection of pests and diseases)
  • Spraying

Evolve your farm with the best technology on the market.

Find out how to start saving for your business


Precision Irrigation

Make your irrigation more precise. Better results, less costs.

As representatives of Hidrosoph in the north and center of the country, we sell, install and support IRRISTRAT software, an intelligent irrigation management system, used all over the world.
Through this system, it is possible to process data in real time and create a history that allows a more precise and adequate irrigation management and planning for each context, supported by local and remote technical assistance.

Biocity is 100% available for its clients.


Agricultural machinery rental

The best equipment at your disposal.

We have machines for different
needs such as weeding machines, mowers, rippers
rippers and much, much more;

Invest in your farms, we take care of the equipment.

saving today

All of our plans focus on Value For Money, ensuring the presentation of a project with a deadline for financial return.