December 21, 2022

Cufra Madeira Case Study


A Cufra é uma reconhecida casa portuense, especialista em Francesinhas. Após vários anos a operar com um selo de qualidade, a marca já se espalha por todo o país e chegou à Madeira.

The Beginning

Cufra Madeira had just opened its doors, and everything was going extremely well. Everything but the high electricity consumption.

During a visit to the restaurant, one of the managers told us several times about the high consumption of electricity for that establishment, compared to others. There was no reason for such an amount in the monthly electricity bill.

We proposed a free analysis.


The First Step


The first step to saving is to measure. And that is what we did.

A well-managed restaurant is very concerned with its food cost – how much does each steak cost? how much does each slice of cheese cost? and how much do I earn with each one? -, so why not do the same with the other consumptions? This is where our work began.

We installed monitoring equipment and started to understand how much each piece of equipment consumed and how much it cost the restaurant.


At the end of the analysis, we showed the managers which equipment consumed the most… But above all, which consumed the most compared to what they were earning!

With a few small adjustments (when we say small, we mean VERY small) and the replacement of one machine (we bet you have seen one in every restaurant), we managed to reduce electricity consumption by 29%.

Fantastic isn’t it? What if we tell you that the job lasted less than a day and the savings were greater than the cost of it? Monitoring is fantastic.

Meter to manage, manage to save.


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In this article:
We show how a simple analysis of your restaurant and a monitoring plan can result in a 30% saving on your invoices.