December 21, 2022

Orpea Case Study


One of BioCity’s oldest products is the Water and Gas Savings Plan, through the installation of energy-saving equipment and energy consulting. But we can go further, whenever the customer wants to achieve the best savings, or as we like to call it: Optimized Savings.

The Beggining

More than 3 years ago, we presented to Resissénior, one of the largest senior residences in the north of the country, a Water and Gas Saving Plan, with the objective of installing equipment to save water and gas and, for 12 months, analyze the largest water, energy and gas consumptions. During these analyses we would present improvement suggestions to achieve savings, without losing income.


The First Step


Once the installations were done, we started our water and gas consumption analysis process. During this procedure, the managers presented us with another problem: excessive energy consumption.

We promptly offered a free analysis.

After an intensive analysis of the entire infrastructure, we made a consulting proposal.

Change is always difficult…

We realized that there were a number of processes to optimize in terms of installations and maintenance. We designed an action plan, presented the savings potential and how much the institution would save with that project.

The institution presented the process to the external maintenance company, which refused to do the proposed procedures, despite the high values of consumption and extra corrective maintenance work.

The confidence that Resissénior had in us was reinforced and they proposed a global maintenance contract for the entire building.


After a long year of work dedicated to the institution, the improvement in consumption was significantly accentuated. The reduction of water and gas had an important impact, but the consulting action had a gigantic impact on the monthly electricity bills, with a reduction of over 70%.

Today, after 3 years, we continue to work side by side with ORPEA in maintenance and consulting to their homes, with fantastic success. The number of corrective maintenance jobs has decreased dramatically due to efficient preventive maintenance and the consumption is more and more stable.

ORPEA entrusts BioCity with the maintenance contracts for the water equipment in their homes and with consulting work for water, electricity and gas consumption.

More important than a corrective maintenance, is a maintenance dedicated to savings.


Tell us how our experience in Maintenance can help you

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