Corporate Social Responsibility

BioCity at the Service of the Community

A united society is the most important engine for development and innovation.

BioCity has active participation in several social activities that support the stabilization of a more balanced and developed society, dedicating several hours to make the world a better place.

At the creation of the company, our founder had a major goal: Reduce the Portuguese consumption of water by 3%.

We know we are on the right track, but in the meantime we help in other areas of society.


Food Bank

Every year, BioCity participates in the logistic support to the Food Bank. We use our experience working all over the country to facilitate the logistic work of the Food Bank in all its national actions.


Bondja São Tomé

A BioCity is dedicated to help disadvantaged children in the African continent and BioCity does not miss this mission, sending food, clothes and toys to São Tomé and Principe.


Volunteering Week BPI Bank/Fundação La Caixa

BioCity accepted the challenge from BPI Bank and La Caixa Foundation to collaborate in their Volunteer Week.

Together we helped AAJUDE to give a new life to its infrastructures and to continue working for a brighter future.

More for the world, is more for us.