Engineering and Energy Consultancy

Engineering for Energy Resource Saving

BioCity has a team of experienced specialists, determined to assist and advise clients in their energy saving, engineering and agricultural projects.

Energy, water and gas consulting

Dedicated to you and your business.

BioCity was born as an energy consulting company and remains so. Since 2011, we are dedicated to getting to know our clients and advising them with the best saving strategies so that they can optimize their machines and infrastructures, train their teams and processes and reduce their bills at the end of the year.

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Installation Projects for Hydro Systems and Hot Water Supply Systems

The installation with the best consumption.

Your hydroelectric system must be the best equipped, but also have the best balance between the initial cost and the cost of use. At BioCity, we use the experience acquired in several business areas and our technical knowledge to ensure that you have the best cost benefit in your installation.

Don’t waste money. Bet on experience.

saving today

All of our plans focus on Value For Money, ensuring the presentation of a project with a deadline for financial return.