Ótimo – Water, Energy and Gas Saving Plan 360º

Water, Energy and Gas
Saving Plan 360º

A Complete Solution for Continuous Saving of Water, Light and Gas

The product most used by our clients, it offers a complete service adjusted to each reality. A Global and complete System with the objective of accompanying the client until the stabilization of a continuous improvement system.

Know the client and deliver an Execution Plan

The whole process starts by getting to know our client and analyzing its needs.

BioCity is dedicated to listening and understanding what leads our clients to be concerned about their energy consumption.
After a detailed analysis, we present the client with an implementation plan tailored to their reality, based on what they already have and oriented to the goals that they themselves set.

A proposal tailored to your needs.


Defined Payback

Pay your investment with the savings obtained.

All our proposals are delivered with an estimated timeframe for the recovery of the amount invested in the implementation of the plan.

Know when you will recover your investment, before you make it.

Dedication to the client, "on the field"

One of the added values we offer is that we are experts in action.

More than just good planning, we have specialized teams to act in every situation. The experience of our teams guarantees that we will act quickly in emergencies and that we will know how to solve even the most complex cases on the spot. Technology does not always find the real problems.

For us, there are no impossibilities.


Optimization of Equipment and Systems

Get the best out of your equipment and infrastructure.

Our teams specialize in finding the best methods to optimize the implemented systems and get the most out of existing equipment.
By keeping your infrastructure optimized, you increase the life span of your equipment.

Get more with less.

Consumption Monitoring

“Meter to Manage, Manage to Save” is BioCity’s motto.

We install complete consumption monitoring systems for water, electricity and gas, general or partial, connected to all the platforms used by the client.
If you do not yet use a monitoring system, we have our own fully remote service, so you can control your consumption from any device, in the office or at home.
Let your system talk to you and improve your management.

The partner for the difficult moments..


Find out how to start saving for your business


Constant Support

The partner for the difficult moments.

Biocity is equally dedicated to each customer. During the time defined for the plan, we are in constant contact with the customer, we follow the variation of consumption values and we have an automatic alert system for moments of over or under consumption.
So that you can analyze your day-to-day, we send you periodic reports.

Day-to-day at your side.



Put your teams to work for Savings.

To achieve continuous improvement, we offer training plans to your company’s employees, so that they are also agents of internal savings and adopt behaviors that are optimal for the company.

Perfect synergy between Human Resources and Equipment.

Final Evaluation

Be proud of your improvements.

At the end of the plan, we evaluate the work done during the whole period and offer a complete report with the results of the Global Savings Plan.
This way you can evaluate the return on investment, when you will be saving in the coming months, and understand how far your savings can go.

If you choose to continue to have us by your side, we will be happy to walk you to the optimum.


saving today

All of our plans focus on Value For Money, ensuring the presentation of a project with a deadline for financial return.