Precise control of consumption

Precise control of consumption

The most important management tool today.

By installing a water, electricity and gas consumption monitoring system, keep track of your consumption at any time and make management decisions based on accurate and up-to-date data.

Your daily consumption, wherever you want, whenever you want

BioCity is the ideal partner to follow your energy consumption through your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Through a system designed for your business, use the best platforms on the market to know what you spend, when you spend and how you spend, anywhere.

Make decisions at a distance and keep your business at maximum efficiency.


Partial or Global Monitoring

Designed entirely for your management and control needs, choose whether you want to monitor your entire structure, only part of it, or both. This allows you to know the consumption of your HVACs, Pools, SPAs, Kitchens, Laundries … or whatever is most important to know!

Knowledge is power and with BioCity the possibilities are endless.

Consumption and Control Alerts

Put an end to consumption leaks and waste.

With BioCity, program the limits of your water, electricity and gas consumption and avoid surprises on your bills at the end of the month. Receive variation alerts anywhere and protect your infrastructure and equipment from discrete degradation and your monthly bills from excess consumption.

Increase the lifetime of your equipment with fast and controlled actions.


Follow-up and improvement tips

We are always by your side.

BioCity teams monitor our partners on a daily basis. We have technicians specialized in global savings that prepare actions and suggestions so that the best management tools are never missing.

Continuous improvement is the ideal solution for a controlled management of consumption.

Start introducing smart energy saving solutions to your business today

All of our plans focus on Value For Money, ensuring the presentation of a project with a deadline for financial return.


Global analysis, in your hand.

According to your management strategies, we deliver reports, periodically, with analyses of your consumption and definition of your consumption profile.

Meter to Manage, Manage to Save.


Several modes of communication

Ready for any challenge.

We present All-in-One solutions, prepared to work with all kinds of equipment and platforms. Our focus is your Management and Global Savings which leads us to work with all market players to find the best solution for you, our customer.

We review the market and give you only what is best for you.

If you want to measure, we help.
Meter to Manage, Manage to Save. Our motto, dedicated to you.

saving today

All of our plans focus on Value For Money, ensuring the presentation of a project with a deadline for financial return.